Cantilever Gate

Cantilever gates are suspended above the driveway and do away with ground tracks. Two sets of carriage wheels are firmly secured to the ground and an industrial strength track is attached to the underside of the gate during manufacture. The gate is cantilevered off the carriage wheels.

Cantilever Sliding Gate


  • They are able to operate over unsealed surfaces, and are extremely reliable
  • They can span large openings
  • They make efficient use of space, typically they opening parallel to the fence line
  • Compared to sliding gates, minimal disruption is caused to the site during installation
  • They are easier to safeguard when automating and can be set up to completely avoid closing on an obstruction
  • They may be cheaper to automate than swing gates
  • They are aesthetically appealing; their efficient design will impress owners, visitors and customers visiting

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