Sliding Gate

Our Sliding Gates are manufactured from high grade steel and zincromate and come with a red oxide coating for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Sliding Gates are typically fabricated using a 50 x 50mm frame with the bottom rail 100 x 50mm to incorporate the wheels. All design patterns can be incorporated in our Sliding Gates. Gate Posts are required on either side of the gate and we can assist in the selection of appropriate posts to suit the size and weight of the gates. Sliding Gates run on a steel bearing track that is fixed to the driveway. The gate is supported by either a nylon guide block or rollers; with a gate stop to catch the gate when in the closed position. Gates can be easily automated if required. We manufacture customized Sliding Gates to suit specifications of the design, color, opening and height requirement.

Metal Sliding Gates


  • Available as per customer specification
  • Automated operation available
  • High strength
  • Made from high grade steel
  • Easy for manually operation
  • Long durability

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